Jardins C : mise en situation
  • Jardins C : largeur d'un motif
  • Jardins C : mise en situation
  • Jardins C : surface d'1m2
  • Jardins C : texture - intissé

Jardins C

€162.50 TTC

• Misty Sunday in the garden, lascivious poses and two-color portraits
• Grey beige and blue grey

Walk itinerary bis
Unable to synchronize the rhythm of their four legs, a couple limped through the gardens, confused by the evidence of an incompatibility. Concentrated on the discrepancy, they had kept silent, their faces turned towards the ground. Then eager to shorten the discomfort, the couple accelerated. Overtaking the big dog out of breath on his right, he balanced the cadence, and the feet trod the cobblestones two by two in a victorious swing.

Suggested installation
With its soft and cuddly aspect, this model will be ideal in a bedroom, or any other place of rest, with a clear and soft furniture.

The +: A contemporary canopy bed in light wood and clean lines to reinforce the romanticism of the wallpaper.

  • Material : Non-woven paper / 150g
  • Roll size : 50cm x 10m
  • Size of the pattern : 50cm x 50cm