1 • Tools needed for the installation

• Special glue for non-woven wallpaper
• Plastic bucket (to prepare the glue)
• Roller or brush (to apply the glue)
• Upholstery brush (to apply the paste)
• Chalk line, plumb line or level (to mark the verticals)
• Mason's ruler (for scribing and cutting)
• Cutter (for cutting)
• Sponge (to wipe off any excess glue)

2 • Surface to be glued

For maximum adhesion, walls should be :
• Smooth
• Clean
• Dry (not greasy or dusty)

3 • Course of the installation

• Define the location of the first strip.
• Draw a vertical line (with a chalk line, plumb line, or level) = marker to keep the verticality.
• Delineate the space of the panel to be covered with a protective tape.
• Prepare the glue in the bucket. (It should not be too liquid).
• Apply a thin layer of glue to the wall only, using a brush or roller.
• Remove the protective tape before installing the strip.
• Apply the strip to the wall. Start from the highest point and work your way down.
If the glue overflows, wipe gently with a slightly damp sponge so as not to wet the non-woven.
• Press the strip with a delicate brush to remove any air bubbles between the strip and the wall.
• Adjust the strip at the bottom of the wall and cut if necessary with a ruler and a cutter.