Oiseaux A

€137.50 TTC

• Bestiary of multicolored birds
• Beige background

Ephemeral Observatory
With his hands resting on the soft surface of the clouds, Jeffrey kept sliding. As the birds partially appeared to him, he restored the vacant pieces with the instantaneous memories of his flashes, resulting in a petulant and random avian composition.

Suggested installation
As a strip or on an entire wall, it combines perfectly with a plain and colored wall. With its 24 shades, it offers a wide range of possible combinations: dark, light or flashy colors!

The +:
Reinforce its ornithological character with an aerial and volatile decoration (mobiles, feathers, decorated cages).

  • Material : Non-woven paper / 150g
  • Roll size : 50cm x 10m
  • Size of the pattern : 50cm x 35cm