Cilé is an interior design company specializing in wallpaper, established in 2019.

Cécile Pasquier graduated from the Beaux-arts of Montpellier and began a career as a freelance graphic designer in Lyon and then in Paris. She then moved to Burgundy and resumed her drawing practice. She exhibits large format landscapes composed of tiny motifs. It is while elaborating her motifs that she gets closer to wallpaper.
In January 2019, she registered her brand under the name Cilé, and launched her first collection.
The papers are designed, created, and printed in France.

"I chose to compose my papers with patterns in order to be able to deploy them without limit of surface. Each pattern is worked with precision and meticulousness. They offer as many readings as there are details. I approach them as paintings in themselves, in their composition, their treatment, and their narrative. Depending on the angle approached and the degree of immersion chosen, the paper can melt into the room and the eye can get lost in the paper."