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+33 9 53 70 54 45

1 • General rules

A - Via online sales at cilé.com
The online sales of Cilé are subjected to the present general conditions of sale to which the purchaser declares to adhere without restriction nor reserve, as soon as it addresses its complete purchase order accompanied by the payment to the company Cilé. 

The validation click constitutes an electronic signature which has, between the parts, the same value as a handwritten signature.

B - Via email
Orders can be processed via the Cilé e-mail address:
Each order sent by the customer to this address will be summarized in the form of a form including the name of the customer, his e-mail address and/or telephone number, the delivery address, the product(s) desired, the quantity, the unit price, as well as the total amount of the basket excluding VAT and including VAT.
The return of this form to will be the object of an order validation.
After validation will be sent to the customer the RIB of the company for a payment by transfer, and the postal address for a payment by check.
The order will be taken into account and the products sent in manufacture after payment of the order.

The files of the orders and invoices preserved by Cilé on a reliable and durable support, will be regarded as the evidence of the commercial transactions recorded between Cilé and its customers.

If one or more stipulations of the present articles is held invalid or declared such in application of a law, a regulation, or following a final decision of a competent jurisdiction, the other stipulations will keep all their force and their range.

These general terms and conditions of sale can be consulted by the purchaser at any time, simply by clicking on the heading "General terms and conditions of sale" in the footer present on all the pages of the Cilé site.

2 • Prices

The sale prices of the products are indicated in euros including all taxes and including the delivery costs.
The selling prices of the products can be modified at any time and without notice according to the rates applied by the manufacturers, the suppliers and the designers.
The selling price retained for the purchase of a product corresponds to the one observed on line at the time of the recording of the order.

3 • Ordering

The buyer places an order with Cilé by filling out an order form on the Cilé website (http://www.cilé.com), he sees the details of his order, the total price, has the possibility to correct any errors. The buyer confirms his order which is validated by his payment.
An order can also be placed by e-mail at the following address:
The contractual information is presented in French language and will be the object of a confirmation taking again this contractual information at the time of the delivery.

The orders placed commit the buyer irrevocably and will be confirmed by an e-mail order confirmation. This confirmation will clearly indicate the references and the price of the various products ordered.
Customers are advised to store or print a copy of the order form until they receive the order confirmation e-mail or fax from Cilé.

As this is an online offer, subject to the vagaries of transmission via the Internet, it is only valid immediately and subject to acceptance of the order by Cilé and its financial partner responsible for online payment.
Cilé reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute concerning the payment of a previous order.

4 • Order validation

You declare that you have read and accepted these general conditions of sale before placing your order.
The validation of your order is thus worth acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale.
Unless proven otherwise, the data recorded by Cilé constitute the proof of all transactions between Cilé and its customers.

5 • Production time and availability

Our product offers and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site. 

As soon as the order is paid by the customer and validated by Cilé, it is immediately transmitted by e-mail to the manufacturer who undertakes to produce it within 3 to 5 days on average, depending on the volume specified.
In the event of an unavailability of product after placing your order, we will inform you by mail, or by phone as soon as possible. A new delivery time will be estimated according to the possible restocking. You will be able to validate again or cancel your order. In the case of a cancellation, and if your bank account has been debited, your order will be refunded.

6 • Payment

A - By bank transfer to Cilé and by check
The customer sends back by mail the summary form of his order and information relative to his identity, and accepts the general conditions of sale. This serves as validation of the order. Cilé then sends its banking information to the customer so that it proceeds to the payment. The order goes into production when the payment is validated by our partner Banque Populaire. The customer is then informed of the manufacturing and delivery times of his order.

B - By Paypal
If the customer has a Paypal account, he can connect to it and make the payment of his order directly.
The debit on the customer's Paypal account will be made in euros when the order is accepted by Paypal.
As soon as the payment is accepted, the order is validated and can be manufactured.

7 • Reception and delivery

A - General
Products purchased on the Cilé website are delivered in France (including Corsica and Monaco) and in the following European countries: Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy (including Sardinia & Sicily), Spain (including Balearic Islands), Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Azores, Madeira, Canaries.

 At the express request of a customer we can deliver to a country not listed above.

The average availability time of the products sold by Cilé is 1 to 3 weeks.

The products are delivered to the delivery address indicated by the customer during the ordering process. When the customer orders several products at the same time and these have different shipping times, the shipping time of the order is based on the longest delay. However, Cilé reserves the right to split the shipments without incurring shipping costs for the customer.
Cilé cannot be held responsible for the consequences due to a delay of routing. In the event of delay of forwarding, an email will be addressed to the customer to warn it as soon as possible.

In case of problems, we invite you to contact Cilé by phone at +33 9 53 70 54 45 or +33 6 88 31 32 21 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm or by mail at the following address:

B - Delivery problems

You must notify the carrier and Cilé of any reservations about the delivered product (e.g., damaged package, already opened ...) within 5 working days after receipt of the product. Then, according to the cases defined in article 3 below, you can profit from the conditions of exchange and refunding envisaged with this article.

Cases of force majeure: In addition to those usually considered as cases of force majeure by the jurisprudence of the French courts, the cases of force majeure that can alter the delivery service are:

• Strikes internal or external to the company, causing the blocking of the means of transport
• Governmental or legal restrictions
• Computer breakdowns
• Blockage of telecommunications and/or the Internet network

The case of force majeure automatically suspends the execution of the order. If the case of force majeure persists for a period exceeding 3 months, the order will be automatically cancelled, unless otherwise agreed by both parties.

C - Product compliance

We commit ourselves to reimburse you or to exchange you the apparently defective products or not corresponding to your order.

 However the unique character of the manufacture engages the purchaser on a tolerance of 5 to 8% concerning:

• Lineage effects
• Bending
• Colorimetric difference between the product and its image (modulation relative to the screen calibration)

In the event of nonconformity of the products, we thank you for agreeing to make a detailed statement in writing and to return the products to us. Cilé will proceed, with your choice, with the exchange or the refunding of the products. The request must be carried out within 15 working days following the delivery. Any complaint formulated outside this time could not be accepted. The products must be returned to us in the state in which you received them with all the elements delivered (accessories, packaging, instructions...).

The shipping costs will be reimbursed to you on the basis of the invoiced rate and the return costs will be reimbursed to you.

Attention: The photographs and labels of the catalog are the most faithful possible but cannot always ensure a perfect similarity with the exact shade of the color of the product. Similarly, there may be a slight difference in color between a sample received and the finished product. Indeed, the printing conditions (brand and date of creation of the non-woven paper used as a support, difference in bath etc.) may slightly modify certain shades.

D - Delivery of the package in case of absence of the customer
In case of absence of the recipient of the package at the time of delivery, a notice of passage will be left at the delivery address indicated on the order form by the customer. The parcel will have to be withdrawn with the address and according to the methods notified on the transit advice note.

 In case of non withdrawal of the parcel within a period defined by the carrier, the parcel will be returned to Cilé. Cilé reserves the right not to refund the amount of the products of the order; in any case, the shipping costs will not be refunded.

E - Delivery outside the European Union

If the customer is from a country outside the European Union, VAT is not charged. However, the customer must pay any customs duties, VAT or other taxes due on the occasion of the import of the products into the country of the place of delivery.

The customer is solely responsible for verifying the possibility of importing the ordered products with regard to the laws of the country of delivery.

8 • Withdrawal

The consumer code concerning mail order sales, gives every consumer a right of withdrawal of 14 days from the day after receiving the goods. However, this law does not apply to custom-made products.
Cilé has no stock, each product is manufactured exclusively to order, excluding the possibility of a return other than for reasons of non-conformity (see art C of paragraph 7).
Indeed, when you validate and pay your order, it is transmitted directly to the manufacturer who produces and invoices it. The absence of right of withdrawal is specified at the time of validation of order. In addition, in agreement with the manufacturer, and in exceptional cases, a specific agreement can be agreed between the three parties: Cilé, the customer, and the manufacturer. We invite you to contact us at +33 9 53 70 54 45 or +33 6 88 31 32 21.

9 • Guarantees

The customer benefits from the provisions of the legal guarantee of conformity, and the guarantee of hidden defects.

To benefit from the guarantee of the products, it is imperative to keep their purchase invoice.
The contractual guarantees do not cover :

• abnormal or non-conforming use of the products
• defects and their consequences due to the intervention of a fitter
• Defects and their consequences due to use not in conformity with the use for which the product is intended
• defects and their consequences due to any external cause

10 • Reservations of ownership

Cilé retains ownership of the goods sold until full payment of the invoice amount corresponding to the order. As soon as the object comes into the possession of the customer, the customer bears the risk.