Mer A - Panoramic

€487.50 TTC

• Beach, sea, heaps of sand, sky, clouds, shaggy vegetation and wind
• Yellow, gold, green, blue and khaki on a gradient going from blue to acid yellow

Contrary force
Drinking a thick syrup from a straw, a young woman was lounging in the stretched canvas of a deckchair whose feet were barely sinking into the warm sand. The tenuous grains that the wind undertook to dry remained tirelessly wet under the effect of the waves. Thus, the water and the air played to make him shiver.

Sold in batches of 3 rolls / Each roll includes 3 strips / Total decor: 3.3 m high X 4.5 m wide.
On request, the rolls can be sold separately.

Installation suggestion
With its pastel colors and the choice of subject, this model breathes an air of vacation and elsewhere.
Perfectly highlighted in a refined decor, associated with natural materials, and enhanced by acidulous colors.

The +: We accentuate the vacation spirit with outdoor furniture, lemonade glasses, chaise longue, parasol or swing.

  • Material : Non-woven paper / 150g
  • Roll size : 50cm x 10m
  • Weight : 5 kg
  • Packaging : Sold by set of 3 rolls
  • Panel size : Height : 3,3m x Width : 4,5m