• Animaux B : détail du motif
  • Animaux B : mise en situation
  • Animaux B : texture - intissé
  • Animaux B : surface d'1m2

Animaux B

€237.50 TTC

• Chimerical forest repeated in double symmetry, entangled fauna and flora
• White line on vanilla background

Eyes then the night
Having inadvertently become king of a mysterious land, old Silas wanted us to find its emblem. All kinds of flags were proposed to him. But the king, who hid his blindness from the world and from himself, could not recognize any of them. He let the madness win him by the eyes. It offered him a thousand banners and much more.

Installation suggestion
This model is designed for a natural environment (light wood, fiber floors, cotton or linen textiles). Ideal in an open and bright room, associated with white, beige, ivory and chocolate notes.

The +: Next to a wall in light wood paneling and on an unbleached carpet in pure wool.

  • Material : Non-woven paper / 195g
  • Roll size : 75cm x 10m
  • Size of the pattern : 75cm x 1m