Arabesques B

€162.50 TTC

• Sophisticated arabesques in an Art Deco style with mauve tones
• golden lines, blue, mauve and turquoise patterns on a pinkish beige background

Folds and Folds
Locked in the cabinets, a little girl follows with her eyes the curves of the embossed tapestry, and with her little painted fingernail, scratches the rough edges. It is she who chose this model, mainly for its texture which reminds her the dry touch of the polystyrene, and its crackling. The arabesques help her to distract, and the unpleasant discussion of the adults dissolves in the golden curls of the paper then crumbles under her fingers.

  • Material : Non-woven paper / 195g
  • Roll size : 50cm x 10m
  • Size of the pattern : 50cm x 32,5cm