Vézelay A : mise en situation
  • Vézelay A : détail du décor
  • Vézelay A : mise en situation
  • Vézelay A : panoramique entier
  • Vézelay A : texture - intissé

Vézelay A - Panoramic

€325.00 TTC

• Procession in a hilly landscape, bushes, greenhouses, gardens and silence
• Golden line, white background

- Decor of 330cm high and 300cm wide
- Sold as a set of 2 rolls (roll 1+ roll 2)
- An additional roll (roll 0) can be added on the left side of the decor for a total width of 4,5m

A snack below
On the via Lemovicensis, the road to Vézelay is a crossroads for pilgrims coming from the north and east.
They walk back from the Basilica, after having organized some penitential liturgy, and/or a picnic.
Here is a selected part of their silent journey, between 2 snacks.

Suggested installation
Ideal in a bedroom in light tones, enhanced with gold metal to recall the color of the design.

The +: Natural fibers (wicker, rattan, rope, sea rush) to gently color the room and accentuate the relaxing aspect of the wallpaper.

  • Material : Non-woven paper / 150g
  • Roll size : 50cm x 10m
  • Packaging : Sold by set of 2 rolls
  • Panel size : Height : 3,3m x Width : 3m