€237.50 TTC

• Moving universe repeated in double symmetry, floating mineral arches, trees, huts, and clouds
• Navy blue line, taupe, caramel, pink, and beige background

Endless dance
The tectonic plates continue to breathe as the ocean currents and opposing winds move. The force of one balancing the thrust of the other, they are held in place but never come to rest. The movement is reminiscent of the surf that carries away the first wave and always brings back, so that the departure never takes place.

Installation suggestion
On a whole wall or a part of it, next to a wall painted in the same colors as the paper (navy blue, chocolate, beige), associated with a sober and refined but warm decoration.

The +: In a room, at 1m from the floor, the lower part in midnight blue wainscot, associated with a Japanese decoration, tatamis and light ornaments.

  • Material : Non-woven paper / 195g
  • Roll size : 75cm x 10m
  • Size of the pattern : 75cm x 1m