Feuilles : texture - intissé
  • Feuilles : largeur d'un motif
  • Feuilles : surface d'1m2
  • Feuilles : texture - intissé


€162.50 TTC

• Ballet of leaves suggested by their veins
• Beige and pale yellow lines, bottle green background

Small deluge
I stretched my hammock between 2 monumental trunks. This precarious installation didn’t match with the poise of the trees. I settled in the sail and sunk in it up to my ears. The weight of my body weighting considerably the structure, the fabric tightened above my face and the sky appeared to me by a narrow slit. Outside, the wind whipped the fields and lifted the leaves whose surface shimmered in the sun, the veins like filaments.

Installation suggestion
With its almost monochromatic appearance, Feuilles adapts to all styles, modern or classic, refined or sophisticated. However, it is particularly enhanced in a natural and zen atmosphere, enhanced by plants.

The +: We play the plant overkill with potted plants, hanging plants and climbers, and we install a rope hammock for a relaxing effect in the middle of nature.

  • Material : Non-woven paper / 195g
  • Roll size : 50cm x 10m
  • Size of the pattern : 50cm x 35cm